An amazing and unique mind reading show that will make you live and experience unbelievable feats as telepathy, mind reading, predictions and divinations in an interactive way.

Who I am?

Fabrice Ferra

I like wondering about people and the world around us. I’m fascinated by human potential and I’m interested in communication and in emotions that play an important role in our daily life. Being passionnate about travelling and foreign languages I travel all over the world  to expand my knowledge and to satisfy my curiosity. The enjoyment of learn and pushing on my own limits and challenging goals are the pillars of my way of thinking. I’m ready to tell you who I am but not all of it..at least not right now ! Mystery is more fascinating than any explantion…



a taylored animation that fit any thematical requests in any format. I design and stage the event. Mentalism makes a huge impact for any event : seminars, launching of a new product or a private event. It enables to convey a message in a powerful and memorable way. It highlights your guests or staff during the event through a fun and interactive act. It can be done in French, English, Spanish and Russian. At the end ot the show you’ll be delighted by a surprise and leave with a lasting impression. Mystery is more fascinating than any explanation



Presentation leaflet in French Fabrice Ferra Mentaliste

Presentation leaflet in English Fabrice Ferra Mentalist

Presentation leaflet in Spanish Fabrice Ferra Mentalista

Presentation leaflet in Russia Презентация

Magazine releasing “ULTRA mag” (fr)



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Clients Reviews

“I think that Fabrice is the best Mentalist ever. He blows our mind away every time. You wonder how he does ! It is impossible ! He’s truly magical.”

Jimmy Vicaut

“An amazing show that demonstrates that The Mentalist is not only a fictional character but a real one too !”

Mamédy Doucara

“Sometimes it’s so pleasant not to understand something… a big thank you for these wonderful moments.”

Lilian Thuram

“You have two options with Fabrice Ferra. First you can try to understand with the help of an aspirine tube or let you guide to a journey through his amazing talent.”

Stéphane Diagana

“The word talent brillantly defines what Fabrice Ferra is and does.”

Glawdys Epangue

“Fabrice is THE Mentalist! The Best one ! Unbelievable ! You’re going to be wowed !”

Grégory Beaugé

“If you’re thinking of something Fabrice Ferra is going to discover what it is and you’re been blown away ! He’s so impressive !”

Adriani Vastine

“You have to experience it to believe it is! An evening performance that make sure to create a surprising event and connect with people and  amaze everybody.”

Véronique Elbaze Directrice de la Communication Groupe Prisma Presse

“Creativity and reactivity are his main assets. He knows how to adapt himself to present amazing performances and shows. His energy enables him to lead each of us to a fascinating journey.”

Michel Gadal Organisateur du Mondial Ping Paris 2013

“Fabrice Ferra is an amazing and baffling performer. In his act, you will enter a fantastic world and through your imagination will experience impossible feats.”

Guy Ontanon – Entraineur de l’équipe de France de sprint





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Fabrice Ferra Mentaliste

Mystery is more fascinating than any explanation...